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Want to Become an Eco-Socio-Spiritual Seeker-Learner?
Want to Seek a "Better" Version of Yourself?
Want to Co-Create Content for  Your Learning?
Want to Experience Deeper Eco-Social Immersion?
Wan to find Ways to Hack and Reboot Yourself?
Want to be 'Othering' Mindfully/Compassionately?
Want to be Part of a Learning Journey, Not For a Job or Improving your Career?
Want to Avoid Contributing to Local or Global Unsustainability?
Want to Build a Calling and not a Career?
Want to Build Your Passion and Com-passion?
Want to 'Be Compassionate' and not Just 'Do Compassion'?
Want to Get Off the Highway and Take a Diversion or U-turn or Subterranean Pathway?
Want to Initiate Deep Self and Social Trans-formation?
Willing to spend about 5 to 8 hours in a Week for the Next 8 Months to Do It?
Want to Help Build a Better and More Compassionate World?
Want to Imagine a Way Beyond Issue-Based Politics?

Join the GMF Fellowship Progamme.
We want to reach out to anybody who is interested and eligible. See below for eligibility criteria. The learning journey/course includes learning encounters, self-directed/supervised exercises/practices, and group and individual projects promoting self and public compassion. On completion of the fellowship, a multi-institution backed up certificate will be issued by the Loyola College of Social Sciences, Kerala, India.

Entry to the fellowship programme is through a 3-stage application process. Application process for the next session starts in December 2022.

Working Ability to Converse and
Write in English. Deep Knowledge of One's Own Language/Culture  is also advantage.

Preferably a High School Student or a Graduate or a Post-Graduate. Persons Having Experience in Public Causes  Are Also Encourages to Apply.

Interested in Reflective Meditative/Contemplative Processes. Self-Criticism. Accepting Discomfort. Questioning. Critical Rethinking.

Interested in Exploring, Curating. Reading. Art. Nature. Writing. Building  a New Vacabulary. Discussing and Sharing. Fellowship. And Networking.

Become a Part of the GMF Fellowship of Young Seekers-Learners
Nurturing an Inclusive, Compassionate Common Good.
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