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The Fellowship/Community of GMF Fellows
The First Batch, 2022


Right to Left: Fr. Ranjit (Director, Multiversity Platform, LES),

Nirmal (Fellow-Nepal), Hom (Fellow-Sri Lanka-Myanmar),

Rae (Fellow-Philippines), How Kian (Fellow-Malaysia), Marnie (Fellow-Philippines)

& Dr. Nat (Learning Journey/Course Director, Multiversity Platform, LES)

The Fellowship Will 

Grow the GMF Learning Process

Promote "Being Compassionate"

Encourage Roundtable Hubs/Friendship-Trust Circles

Nurture Regenerative, Inclusive, Hospitable Spaces (Fellows 'Projects'/'Experiential Initiatives' Are in Progress)

Engage in Public Compassionate Praxis

Grow Novel Regenerative Activism Beyond Self-Serving, Silo Singe Issue-Based Movements

Build Bridges, Weave or Create Tapestries of Diverse Social Movements into Transformative Totalities

Build Integrative Rhisomatic Movements

Build Personal and Community Glossaries of New Terms or Terms with New Meaning

Contribute Counter-hegemonic Narratives/New Stories

Organise Public Events/Unconferences

Systematically Add Publication and Report to the GMF Knowledge-Practice Base

Nurturing Friendship-Trust Hubs 
Regenerative, Inclusive and Hospitable Spaces
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