The Fellowship/Community of GMF Fellows
The First Batch, 2022


Right to Left: Fr. Ranjit (Director, Multiversity Platform, LES),

Nirmal (Fellow-Nepal), Hom (Fellow-Sri Lanka-Myanmar),

Rae (Fellow-Philippines), How Kian (Fellow-Malaysia), Marnie (Fellow-Philippines)

& Dr. Nat (Learning Journey/Course Director, Multiversity Platform, LES)

The Fellowship Will 

Grow the GMF Learning Process

Promote "Being Compassionate"

Encourage Roundtable Hubs/Friendship-Trust Circles

Nurture Regenerative, Inclusive, Hospitable Spaces (Fellows 'Projects'/'Experiential Initiatives' Are in Progress)

Engage in Public Compassionate Praxis

Build Integrative Rhisomatic Movements

Contribute Counter-hegemonic Narratives/New Stories

Organise Public Events/Unconferences

Systematically Add Publication and Report to the GMF Knowledge-Practice Base

Nurturing Friendship-Trust Hubs 
Regenerative, Inclusive and Hospital Spaces