GMF Learning Ecology (Clusters)

Note: Though it will be avoided, dates for these stages may change 
to accommodate challenges faced on the way during implementation. 
Deep Stare

Exploring Self


A 'learning journey' exploring fundamental questions as a basis for learning-acting-and-being-in-the-world, for being with humans and nature. It involves a process of hacking, rebooting, and reclaiming Self. It promotes critical and uncomfortable conversations with the Self to nurture conscience. It is directed at initiating the process of self-transformation in the context of social transformation.

Baby's Clutch

Exploring Compassion

Exploring compassion by deeply interrogating the broken, exploitative, conflictual, wounded, and destructive Self-Other relationships in various socio-cultural-political-economic domains. Critically engaging conscience and shaping/sharing compassion narratives. Avoiding sentimentalisation, religionisation, politicisation, commercialisation, and bureaucratisation in the search for a compassionate orientation to Self-Other relationship. Recovering and nurturing private and public compassionate praxis. Nurturing 'being compassionate'.

Hand Drums

Project for Public Good



Individual and group projects on public compassion.  Exploring spectacular and everyday forms of civic engagement/ disengagement.  Going beyond issued-based action or politics. Networked action. A tapestry orientation. Proposing inclusive, inter-connected, dialogical Self-Other relationship that harmonises unity and difference. 

Closeup Portrait

The GMF Award


Presentation/showcasing of GMF Projects. Initiating GMF Gandhi-Mandela-Freire regional and global communities of young organic and public intellectuals. Presenting the Gandhi-Mandela-Freire (GMF) award by a multi-institutional, multi-organisational educational platform/collective.