The Foundation:

Shaping a Multi-Institutional Educational Platform to Nurture 'Being Compassionate'

Through Peace-Sustainability-Communication-Regeneration

The effort here was initiated by Dr M. Nadarajah with the moral support of the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi and Loyola Institute of Peace and International Relations, Kochi, during the peak of the pandemic, 2020 - 2021. It was created with the support of a significant community of like-minded people worldwide. A growing moral community cutting across expertise, focus, discipline and faith support the effort (see here  International Collaborators.) In 2022, the effort found a home at the Loyola Extension Services (LES), Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS), Thiruvananthapuram/ Trivandrum, Kerala, India. LES is a registered charity in Kerala and the social lab of Loyola College of Social Sciences. 

The Gandhi-Mandela-Freire (GMF) Fellowship Programme

In 2022, LES was reimagined as a multiversity, and a multiversity platform was created. As part of this platform, the Gandhi-Mandela-Freire (GMF) Fellowship Programme was set up. It attempts to bring the wisdom of the three continents together through building on three inter-connected pedagogies -- pedagogy of the oppressed, pedagogy of non-violence and pedagogy of reconciliation. The programme aims to develop an unalloyed focus on initiating deep 'self and social transformation' among the younger generation. The foundation of the programme is animated by the passion to nurture "being compassionate".


The programme nurtures the following:

  • aims to form a vibrant self-sustaining community ('GMF Community') that shapes a dialogue-based inclusive Common Good, encouraging an engaged orientation of "being compassionate".

  • encourages and nurtures deep social immersion

  • nudges for critical self-questioning, hacking, rebooting and reclaiming through decolonisation, deschooling and identifying hegemonic narratives

  • builds orientation to actively involve and participate in different critical eco-social domains (going beyond issue-based politics or specialisation)

  • interrogates critically and compassionately the Self-Other alienating and conflictual realities

  • focuses on the “new humanities” guided by the transdisciplinarity mode of being, trans-formative education/learning pathways and critical (and compassionate) civic engagement

  • initiates, structures or strengthens an environment/social ecology of eco-peace, reconciliation, eco-socio-spiritual healing, engaged spirituality, sustainability, regeneration, social communication, and deep dialogue to actively foster eco-socio justice and public compassion as foundation for all-round co-existence, co-creation and co-evolution, 

  • urges the creation of a question bank, narratives bank, maps and personal glossaries

  • endeavours to constitute a 'new language' and to introduce new narratives for Being self and community.

​Developer, Director & Guide,

Learning Journeys, Mandela-Freire Fellowship Programme 

Dr. M. Nadarajah,

Consultant, The Multiversity Platform,

Loyola Extension Services, Loyola College of Social Sciences

Sreekaryam, Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum, India; 695 017

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Guiding Core Team for GMF Fellowship Programme

  • Fr. Ranjith George SJ (Ph.D), Director, Loyola Extension Services (LES), Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

  • Dr. Saji P. Jacob, Principal, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, India

  • Dr. M. Nadarajah, Consultant, Multiversity Platform, LES-LCSS, Trivandrum, India 

Learning Journeys, GMF Fellowship Programme

Multiversity Platform

Governance-Administrative Office Address

Multiversity Platform, Loyola Extension Services (LES),

Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS),

Sreekariyam PO, Thiruvananthapuram 695 017

Kerala, India

Email (Director)

Conscience and Compassion Learning Journey

Advisorial Team (2022 - 2023)

Ethics Committee (2022 - 2023)

Youth Coordinators Team (2022 - 2023)

  • Sandra Estrada, Mexico

  • Kamala, Nepal/South Korea

  • Nirmal Khadri, Nepal (Main Learning Journey Coordinator)