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Post-GMF Activities (Post-Oct 22)

My journey continues as an ecological advocate searching for her place at the convergence of human and ecological justice and healing.


I’m thankful to have successfully concluded my first semester taking up a graduate program in environment and natural resources management at the University of the Philippines Open University and now - I’m up for and excited for my second semester! Discerning more about life and my learning journey and as I’m eager to explore the different facets of environmental science and ecological work, I might not go for a “linear” path in terms of graduate studies. Apart from institutionalized studies, I’m also eager to find mentorship and friendships within the realm of ecology.


Link to my pechakucha video for class:


Apart from studies, I continue to enjoy tying up initiatives together for a shared mission. The evening of Aug 23 was a very meaningful one. Despite it having its own risks, we were able to hold a free documentary screening of 11,103, an award-winning documentary regarding different stories of human rights violations and the different advocacy-related work by Martial Law survivors, at an urban poor community that has been struggling with different forms of injustices. Because the documentary is explicit about the injustices under Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the late former dictator and father of the current president, there have been challenges preventing certain public screening efforts for this documentary. On the other hand, this documentary is especially timely as it tackles the interconnection between historical and systemic injustices, historical distortion and regardless of the odds - the need and ongoing efforts to remain hopeful and to advocate for a better, courageous, and more loving community world. The open forum after the screening was moving beyond words. Through the questions and feedback shared by the participants, primarily led on by youths, we acknowledged both the climate of fear, and our ongoing efforts to grow in solidarity.


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