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"To me, as a witness of the GMF learning process, I have experienced the richness of the combined wisdom of Gandhi, Mandela and Freire. Inspired by their pedagogies, education becomes alive,  active and genuinely humanised. For me, importantly this means everyone can and must be provided active spaces and opportunities to contribute and to build relevant and practical knowledge on the co-existence of humanity and Nature through active deliberation and participation at all levels. Such education needs to necessarily listen to the whole body, head and heart. It is also important that we learn to engage the world through the active dialogue between multiple non-oppressive, non-monological perspectives and cultures. The big issues threatening the world today and the future cannot be attended to by just one answer or solution from any dominant group. We need to create and accept more seekers and more contributors to global problems, their solutions and our common well-being. In this sense, the GMF learning process not only promotes eco-humanistic educational ecologies but also seekers adopting a compassionate praxis to go beyond the dominant mono-issue based activism dominant today. Based on active dialogue, the GMF journey to Conscience and Compassion presents the future as an active ‘weaving’ or a ‘tapestry’ like a beautiful cloth -- bringing together self-serving silo social movements, bridging and birthing new narratives, possibilities and realities. The GMF fellowship programme is Hope. 

My gratitude to all participants and to the vision of the organisers. Congratulations to all the GMF Fellows. I hope this initiative will continue to inspire many more to come. I hope other educational visionaries will see its value and help to grow it. Keep up the good work."


Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala
A seeker exploring the ways to Unity in Diversity as life-enhancing journey to make sense of Complexity


Director, Arpitha Associates, Singapore/Malaysia.
SLI Malaysia (A Part of GMF Moral Community)

"After 8-9 months of rigorous study, deep discussions and detailed assignments, the GMF fellows of 2022 completed their course in October 2022. A huge appreciation goes to Dr Nat for having been at the helm of the GMF, steering all the 5 fellows into the completion of the fellowship. It was with great interest and pride that I witnessed how the components of the course helped shape the thoughts and activities of the 5 fellows, namely Marnie Racaza, Rae Morillo,  Hom, Tan How Kian and Nirmal. Hailing from various countries of the Asian region, these fellows undertook and chose to complete their study despite their regular jobs, busy schedules and family commitments. 
Taking into consideration the ideas and concepts propounded by Gandhi, Mandela and Freire, each fellow had his or her takeaways from these famous minds. Intellectually and spiritually, the influences helped the fellows go to their next level of social commitment and engagement in their respective communities. 
I am so very proud for having been a tiny part of their incredible journey, where recommended books were discussed and at times, debated. At this point I can only wish for them to continue their amazing efforts at such laudable projects and pray for them to make the difference that they were meant to make. 
I truly applaud the passion, patience and perseverance of Dr Nat for being the mentor and guide to the fellows. CONGRATULATIONS, Dr Nat and all you five fellows - you all totally rock!."

Dr. Swagata Sinha Roy,
Faculty of Creative Industries, UTAR, Malaysia;
Guides the GMF Reading Circle
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