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On the Human Condition, On the State of Nature
About the Histories of Varies Communities, About Our Common Futures,
About Our Selves, About Other Selves...

These Encounters are Deeply Critical to Your Learning Journey.

Learn from Happiness, Anxiety, Reflection, Dilemmas, Discomfort Zones, Pain, Questions, Inspiration, Suffering, Torture, Success, Cruelty, Destruction, Contradictions, Analysis, Kindness, Compassion...
Explore Deeply: Go to the 'GMF Screen'


Learning from Covid: Will We?

A 7-Year Old Message of Adults

Cruelty & Genocide: Cambodia's Dark Past

The Barefoot Movement

"Voices We Need to Listen to": A Small Collection of Videos Here

Should I Feel Guilty for This?

40 Rules of Love: The Way of the Sufi

Behind the Surface...The Real Me?

More Videos Will Be Added
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