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  • All of us are learners. (We 'learn' as we "teach". We "teach" as we 'learn'.)

  • The whole world/universe is a 'learning field' and offer 'unstratified learning spaces'.

  • The world world/universe is made up many learning ecologies. And In the ecology, there are numerous 'learning journeys'. They offer many 'learning encounters' (opportunities for learning). There is a level of indeterminacy in this, opening up opportunities for co-creation as well as alternative learning journeys.

  • The learning ecology is a 'deeply interconnected/interdependent totality' and knowing/engaging it needs 'deep social immersion'.

  • The learning ecologies, learning journeys and learning encounters offer many pathways to learn. (It cannot be totally captured by packaging knowledge as unilinear, silos in terms of  'courses' or disciplines. There are no disciplines in Nature.)

  • All learning is co-creation between learners (learners appearing as learners, learners appearing as 'teachers').

  • All learning space/process is an accompaniment and regenerative co-creation between learners.

  • Learning ecologies offer many learning journeys or pathways. It offers the possibility and opportunity for innovative re-wiring, reaching marginalised, submerged, neglected, unknown realities (Encourages 'new neural pathways' too.) 

  • The above approach also critically focusses on the neglected/marginalised/forgotten/demonised foundational "roots education" of a 'eco-socio-spiritual being' -- the educational immersion covering  such aspects philosophy, spirituality, meanings, virtues, values, peace, dialogue, art, compassion, and being.

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