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Work in Progress
As the Fellows Continue to Critically Reflect on Their GMF Learning Ecology and Journey


"The GMF learning journey is one of decolonisation and much more....hacking, rebooting and reclaiming Self. And a deep encounter with the loving ways of the Heart."

Tan How Kian

"At a contemplative level as well as in social imagination, the GMF Journey is one of ‘dying to be reborn’ - reborn to struggle to live again ‘authentically’ and ‘compassionately’ in both the private and public eco-social spheres. In a sense, the post-GMF learning journey is not only disruptive; it also actively challenges one to progressively ‘let go’ old ways, setting the stage for the creative regeneration of new layers of Self.  One struggles to be reborn as a ‘compassionate inter-being’ able to engage with the many painful memories and wounds resulting from living in a broken world. Compassionate inter-being helps deep dialogue and lays the foundation for strengthening Self-and-Other (Self, Community, Nature) co-existence."

Hom _edited_edited.png
(Sri Lanka/Myanmar)
Marnie Racaza

"The GMF learning journey is deeply a disruptive one. It has thrown me out of my comfort zone...and challenged me. It is also deeply a nurturing, regenerative encounter. In a sense, for me, the GMF learning journey was a 9-month life changing prayer."

"GMF has greatly influenced my way of facilitating the Theology course I am handling in Ateneo. GMF has inspired me to make my classroom a meta-oxological space- a compassionate, creative, and regenerative space where dialogue and collaborative knowledge production happen. My students consider our learning environment a safe space where they feel validated, acknowledged, and empowered to contribute in the discussions in the midst of our differing viewpoints." (The Longer Version Here.)

"The GMF learning ecology and journey is one of intensive social detoxification (deschooling/decolonisation/counter-hegemonic). It is also one of deep social immersion in the eco-social world in living love (and compassion). The GMF learning journey allows for creative regeneration  in both the spectacular public spaces as well as the invisible everyday spaces of being. It sensitises us to take an active note on the radical power of the everyday in being compassionate."

Nirmal Khatri
Rae - GMF_edited.png

"Introspection and Intentional Advocacy through Reflective Writing (Journaling and Blogging). The GMF journey really required us to re-explore how we choose to live, and the particular advocacies we take part in as expressions of ourselves, and our unique callings within community as eco-socio beings. At times, I wonder if the sole purpose was to confuse for the mere sake of being counter-mainstream. Still, the disturbance and confusion became meaningful as I was forced to re-examine and be more at peace with how I seek a spirituality and interconnection within and between the realms I take part in and feel strongly about."  (Read the long version/pdf.)

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