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Highlights of the Learning Journey
& Modules 

15th January 2022 (Saturday: 9.30 to 12.00 am/Indian Time)
MC: Sandra and Nirmal

9.30 - 9.55 am
Fr. Ranjit George SJ, Director, Multiversity Platform, Loyola Extension Services (LES)
Dr. Saji Jacob, Principal, Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS)
Dr. Binoy Pichalakattu SJ, Director, Loyola Institute of Peace (LIPI) and International Relations (LIPI, Kochi)
Dr. Denzil Fernandez SJ, Director, Indian Social Institute (ISI, New Delhi

KeyNote Address
10.00 - 10.55 am
Prof. Anwar Fazal, Malaysia
Sashi Kumar, India
Programme Launched By Prof. Anwar Fazal  and Sashi Kumar

Introduction to the GMF Fellows
11.00 - 11.15 am
Coordinated by Sandra and Nirmal
Rae, Marnie, Amalina, How Kian, Shenz, Hom, Hani, Erick and Aaron

Brief Sharing by Well Wishers
11.20 - 11. 50
Bishop Bernard (Malaysia), Salma (Malaysia), Somboon (Thailand), Prof. Hj. Zul (Malaysia), Prof. Paul Martens (USA),Johnny Ng (Malaysia), 
Dr. Jojo Fung (Philippines), Adrian Pereire (Malaysia), Dr. Marcus (Australia), Prof. Chainarong M. (Thailand), Prof. Dicky Sofjan (Indonesia)
Thank You & Close
11.50 - 11.55

Dr. M. Nadarajah
Course Director

Cluster 1: 15th January - 14th April 2022 (First Session on the 5th of February)

Exploring Self  and  Other

  • Preliminaries and Onboarding Sessions

  • Month 1 : Challenging the Foundations of Our Knowledge, Practices, and Being/Setting  Out of the Our Comfort Zones

  • Month 2: Can Be re-Boot? Finding Pathways to Re-boot.

  • Month 3: Rethinking Our Sense of Who We Are Or  Where We are Heading?

Cluster 2: 25th April - 24th August 2022 (Session on 27th)

Exploring Conscience and Compassion

  • Month 4: Theory and Methodology

  • Month 5: Social Ecology of Suffering

  • Month 6: Social Ecology of Compassion

  • Month 7: 6 Models of Compassionate Practice

Cluster 31st September - 5rd October 2022


  • Month 8: Project  on Public Compassion and for Public Good (Development and Execution), ​

  • Running a Group Public Event (An Online Film Festival On Compassion?/Organised Over 6 months)

Cluster 415th January - 30th August 2022

Root Skilling/Orientational Sessions: Reflection--Meditation--Silence--Visualising--Diary Keeping--Curating--

--Documenting--Researching--Project Development--Discussion--Dialogue--Network Building--Smart Phone Photography-Movie Making/Sustainable Designing/Counter-Narratives/'New' Language for Storytelling​​/

Award Event: 8th October 2022 

  • Project Sharing Event and Discussion: Public Event

  • GMF Community Award  (Certificate from a multi-organisation/institutional collective)

  • (Note: There will be a review of the learning journey on the 7th of October.)

8th of October 2022 (Tentaive: Saturday: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm )

Address By Fellows

Closing Remarks By
Dr. M. Nadarajah

Brief Sharing by Selected International Educators & Well Wishes

Coordinated by Sandra and Nirmal

Closing Remarks
Dr. Saji Jacob and Fr. Ranjit George
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