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A flexibly structured learning journey of diverse learningful encounters with educators who will share their life, experience and expertise.

First Stage

Who Am I? Who is the Other? Critical
Self-Exploration/ Critical Examination of Othering/Deep Social Immersion.


Where Am I Really Heading? Do I Know What I Want? Am I Living Somebody Else's Life/Future? Do I Know What I Am Doing? Do I Need To?

Some Pathways to Find Oneself. And Other Selves. Deschooling. Decolonisation. Counter-Hegemonic. Deep questioning. Embodiment. Senses Grounding. Body Grounding.

Tools of Self Inquiry/Self--Non-Self Discovery Practices. 'Root Skilling'. Challenging Cognitive Foundations. Hacking. Rebooting. Zen Tangling. Journaling. Seeking the Totality. Mindfulness. Frames Mapping.

Humanist Traditions/
Beyond Humanist Traditons/Dialectical-
Cosmological-Totality/Transdisciplinarity/Transformative Learning/Civic Engagement/ Understanding the World of Children and Indigenous People

Becoming an Eco-Socio-Spiritual Seeker? Or Nothing?
Taking the Highway?
Or a Diversion? Reclaiming Authentic Self?

Image by Matt Walsh

Art/ Poetry/ Religiosity/Others

Second Stage

Six Pathways to Compassionate Orientation? Being Compassionate? 

Self and the Other?/Otherness? Are We Cruel? Are We Guided by a Deep Bio-cidal Complex? Are We Capable of Compassion? Can Compassion Be Taught? Deeping Eco-Social Immersion?


Self-Other Relationship? Mediation? Sameness? Difference? Harmony? Conflict? Brokenness? Wondedness? Social Healing? Spectacular and Everyday Forms of Action? Praxis? Metaoxological Totality? Pedagogies of the Oppressed, Non-Violence and Reconciliation?

Social Methodologies?/ Conscientisation?/Humanisation? Deschooling?/
Structured, Critical Mindfuless?/Political Economy?/
Transdiscilinarity?/Narratives Analaysis? Who am I to Being Me? Tools

Image by Matt Walsh

Making Sense of Compassion? What is Compassion? Reaching Out? Empathy? Sympathy? And Other Related Realities. Doing Compassion? Being Compassionate?

Social Ecology of Suffering?/Sites of Pain, Suffering and Death?/Trans-border Realities?/Toxic Narratives? Genocides?/Bio-cidal Complex?

Social Ecology of Compassion?/
Worlds Beyond the  Human?/ Indigeneity?/Movements?/Critical
Citizenship & Civic Engagement? Or Disengagement?/Confluence?/
Tapestry?The Cosmic?The Sacred?

Third Stage: 
Project for Public Good
(With Earlier Preparatory Stage)

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