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Want to be a seeker-learner,
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Want to build a
dialogical and
eco-common good?

Application Process: Stage 1 of 3 

Why are you here?
Do you want to be part of the second generation (cohort), 2023? The learning journey starts in April 2023. The application process starts in December  2022.

This course/learning journey will not be directly related to your career or job improvement. It is directed at building your 'calling' not your 'career' (at least not directly). It is not fund-related but aims at community building. It needs your patient involvement in a learningful adventure involving a challenging journey of critical self-(and other) exploration. It is to deeply and mindfully connect and engage with our compassionate foundation for nurturing the common good.

The journey will take 32 weeks (8 months) and over 300 hours (of learning encounter/lectures, self-development/self-supervised exercises and mentored group and individual project work) . In a week, you will be expected to spend 5 to 8 hours during the learning journey. The annual number of  fellows will be no more than 12 persons.  
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