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The Gandhi, Mandela and Freire Dialogues
Forthcoming Sessions in August  & September 2022 (Details in July 2022)

The Gandhi, Mandela and Freire Dialogues
Seeking, Shaping, and Sharing Ideas for Disruption and Regeneration
Exploring their Relevance today

Our Maiden Session On
4th June 2022 (Saturday):
10.00 am to 12.00 Noon (Indian Time)

"I suppose the challenge is how to - in the limited time of our format of ‘sharing’ rather than ‘presenting‘ -  pertinently distil the philosophy/ ideology of Freire/Madela/Gandhi for our discussion without essentializing them. Of course, only an expert on the person can do this." 


Sashi Kumar, Moderator

Dialogue Guidelines

The dialogue event is meant for the GMF fellows (on Conscience and Compassion), students, teachers, well-wishers and collaborators.

(1) This event aims to promote an active dialogue between Gandhi, Mandela and Freire and help the youth community learn from their 'tricontinental wisdom'. It is an attempt to reach out to their relevance today. (The effort will be a ongoing series.)
(2) It will feature contemporary proponents of Gandhi, Mandela and Freire from across the globe, linking the three continents.
(3) The time allotted to each speaker for opening comments may appear short. But we hope a lot more is brought to the table during the interaction among the speakers, commentators and the audience during the 2-hour event.
(4) Keeping in mind the many directions in which the discussion may unfold, we are not looking for a formal technical paper. We would appreciate a process of sharing that provides a deeper understanding of each person's point of view and/or raise issues of universal concern and responses to them, including hard and hearty disagreements. 
(5) We hope that the presenters will share their observations on Gandhi or Mandela, or Freire in all or some of the following themes: (a) violence, (b) politics, (c) peace, (d) education and (e) compassion/compassionate practice.
(6) Please try to include, where possible, some comparative details -- agreements, disagreements, innovative departures or counter-narratives (to dominant, weaponised or toxic ones).
(7) For the commentators.  
(a) Please add to the presenter's comments to enrich our understanding of Gandhi, Mandela or Freire.
(b) Please deeply connect the wisdom of the three as they responded to their times or how they may respond to today's difficult, broken world.

Programme Details

Welcome By : Ranjit George SJ, 

Director, Multiversity Platform, Loyola Extension Services,


Welcome By  Dr. Saji Jacob

Principal, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Kerala, India


Moderator: Sashi Kumar

ana (1)_edited.jpg

Speaker: Prof. Ana Cristina


Commentator: Ela Gandhi


Speaker: Prof. Neera Chandhoke


Speaker: Prof. Siby Joseph


Commentator: Prof. Douglas Paterson

Commentator: Ashish Kothari


MC/GMF Fellow: Marnie 

Hom _edited.jpg

MC/GMF Fellow: Hom


MC/GMF Fellow: Nirmal

MC: GMF Fellows: Nirmal, Marnie and Hom
Moderator: Sashi Kumar, Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai, India

10.00 - 10.10: Opening and Welcome

  • Rajit George SJ, Director, Multiversity Platform, Loyola Extension Services, India

  • Dr Saji Jacob, Principal of Loyola College of Social Sciences, India

10.10 - 10.40 am: Main Presentations (10 Minutes per Speaker)

10.45 to 11.15: Commentators (10 Minutes per Commentator)

11.20 to 11.55 am: Dialogue

  • Q & A / Dialogue

11.55 to 12.00 Noon: Thank You & Close

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