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The Indian Social Institute, New Delhi and the Loyola Institute of Peace and International Relations, Kochi have formed a platform to promote peace, sustainability and compassion. It is part of the Jesuit's concerns for peace and reconciliation in a very troubled world. The inclusive platform will bring like-minded collaborators from all over together to morally nurture the development of learning journeys, courses, lecture series, publications, video productions and projects for inclusive public/common good. The platform will largely be sustained on voluntary work, passionate involvement and moral commitment. Funding, if any, will be raised, in a transparent manner, from community crowd sourcing, learners  as well as other bonafide, ethical funders.

As part of the flexible peace-sustainability-compassion platform initiated by Indian Social Institute and Loyola Institute of Peace and International Relations, the Gandhi-Mandela-Freire Fellowship (GMF) has been initiated. The fellowship has in turn initiated its first course (or learning journey) entitled, Conscience and Compassion to reach out to young persons who are willing to rethink/reboot themselves and explore self and social transformation.


The GMF fellowship is formed to create a community of young people based on the critical contributions of 3 very important "teachers" of the 20th Century. The fellowship is not therefore to primarily create a specific fund as much as a community based on the 'learningful cultures' of M.K. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Paulo Freire, a culture that spans the three continents with a potential to nurture inclusive eco-social-spiritual common futures.

M.K. Gandhi gave us the message of peace and compassion. Nelson Mandela gave us the message of reconciliation, freedom and compassion. Paulo Freire gave us the message of conscientisation, emancipation and compassion.They were actively shaped through a journey that involved rich and diverse experiences, self-doubts and questions, deep self-exploration, periods of alone-ness and loneliness, contradictions, inter-faith, cross-cultural learnings, prophetic anger, reaching out to the victimised, marginalised or the demonised, hardships, sacrifices, letting go comfort zones, patience, reconciliation, sapiential compassion, spirituality, being authentic, sustainability, inclusiveness, grace, gratitude, other-centredness, hard work, civic engagement, creativity and courage. The GMF fellowship aims to nurture such journeys.

Partner with us to Nurture Compassion Beings.
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