Next Intake (Second Generation): April to November 2023 (8 Months)

(Onboarding: March 2023/GMF Award: December 2023)

3-Stage Application Process Will Start in December 2022. 

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The Learning Journey "Conscience and Compassion"
is Offered By
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
April - November 2023 (Includes Breaks/Excludes Onboardng Sessions)
Transdisciplinary. Deschooling. Conscientisation
Transformative Learning.
Decolonisation. Reading the Signs of the Times. Dialectics, Inter-connected Totality and Critical Mindfulness. Counter-Hegemony.
Critical Civic Engagement..

Conscience and Compassion

January - October 2022

Learningful Encounters with International Educators. Critical Self-Inquiry. Inclusive Self-Other Spaces.Diary Reflections. Meditation. Living Library. Nurturing New Narratives. Blended Learning Scenarios. Practical Engagements. Projecting. Being.
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Experience/Immerse in the GMF Learning Process
An Onsite/Online Learning Journey and Encounters
with the Regenerative Integration of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Pedagogy of Non-Violence and Pedagogy of

Initiate Deep Self and Eco-Socio-Spiritual Transformation/
Nurture Inclusive, Compassionate, Regenerative Spaces/Hubs/Futures 

Loyola Extension Services,
Loyola College of Social Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

* Depending on the State of the Pandemic"

Want to be Part of a

Meaningful Learning Journey? 

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Want to Re-Boot/Reclaim

Your Self?Want to Grow a 'Better' Version of

Your Self? 

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Want to Initiate Eco-Social Transformation Efforts through a Project on Public Compassion for Public/Common Good?

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Want to Nurture Friendship-Fellowship Circles/Networks/Regenerative Spaces? 

Please Note: This is a  Learning Journey Not Designed to Give You a Career-Oriented Educational Product. It Aims at Giving you a Compassion-Oriented Learningful Experience and Fostering your  'Calling'. to a meaningful life. This Fellowship is also not Fund-Related but is Aimed at Building and  Nurturing a Community.
The Gandhi-Mandela-Freire Fellowship Award
Is a Certificate Conferred By