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Next Intake (Second Batch):

June 2023 to February 2024 (9 Months):

Students of Loyola College, Kerala, India/Blended

(Also aspirants from the same time zone like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Etc)

Onboarding:May 2023/GMF Award: February 2023

April  - December 2024: International Students/Online


A 3-Stage Application Process Will Now Open in April 2023 (For Loyola Students)

Programme Will Be Launched on May 20th (Saturday) 

IMPORTANT: Please take time to explore this site In case you are considering to be part of the second batch..

Please See Here

The Learning Journey "Conscience and Compassion"
is Offered By
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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
June 2023 to - February 2024 (Includes Breaks/Excludes Onboardng Sessions)
Transdisciplinarity. Deschooling. Conscientisation
Transformative Learning.
Decolonisation. Reading the Signs of the Times. Dialectics, Inter-connected Totality and Critical Mindfulness. Frames Mapping. Counter-Hegemony.
Critical Civic Engagement.

Conscience and Compassion

January - October 2022

Learningful Encounters with International Educators. Critical Self-Inquiry. Inclusive Self- Other  Regenerative Spaces. Embodiment. Diary Reflections. Meditation. Living Library. Question Banks.  Nurturing New Narratives. Blended Learning Scenarios. Practical Engagements. Projecting. Being.
2.GMF Pedagogies-f copy.jpg

Experience/Immerse in the GMF Learning Process
An Onsite/Online Learning Journey and Encounters
with the Regenerative Integration of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Pedagogy of Non-Violence and Pedagogy of

Initiate Deep Self and Eco-Socio-Spiritual Transformation/
Nurture Inclusive, Compassionate, Regenerative Spaces/Hubs/Futures 

Loyola Extension Services,
Loyola College of Social Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

* Depending on the State of the Pandemic"

Want to be Part of a

Meaningful Learning Journey? 

Image by Sayan Ghosh

Want to Re-Boot/Reclaim

Your Self?Want to Grow a 'Better' Version of

Your Self? 

Image by Margarida CSilva

Want to Initiate Eco-Social Transformative Efforts through a Project on Public Compassion for Public/Common Good?

Image by Karen Maes

Want to Nurture Friendship-Fellowship Circles/Networks/

Regenerative Spaces or Build Rhisomatic Initiatives ? 

Please Note: This is a  Learning Journey Not Designed to Give You a Career-Oriented Educational Product. It Aims at Giving you a Compassion-Oriented Learningful Experience and Fostering your  'Calling'. to a Meaningful Life. This Fellowship is also not Fund-Related but is Aimed at Building and  Nurturing a Community.
The Gandhi-Mandela-Freire Fellowship Award
Is a Certificate Conferred By
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